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If you are looking to discover how to improve customer service... ...then this message can give you the answer you are looking for.

Imagine this: You unleash the "natural service talent" from within your team and with training from Nurturing Skills they become capable "customer service trainers". As part of the project team your trainers also help to design the customer service modules with the management team and Nurturing Skills, they take ownership and deliver the programme to all your staff. It's three months since you rolled out the programme and everyone is experiencing an improvement in the wider service culture.

Every team contains 'natural' service people and it's often difficult to dedicate quality time and resources to them. At Nurturing Skills we take that pressure from you by coaching and developing that natural flair so that they become your customer service trainers. We jointly work with you to implement your very own customer service training programme to enhance soft skills and in turn your customers experience great service.

Nurturing skills is experienced at developing and implementing customised 'peer to peer' training programmes and by working with our experienced team you will be able to

  • Select the the peer trainers.
  • Train your naturally gifted staff to be effective customer service trainers.
  • Design your customer service improvement training programme.
  • Implement your programme successfully.
  • Avoid any pitfalls.
  • Improve the wider service culture
  • Win hearts and minds.
  • Measure the success of your programme.
  • Celebrate your success.
  • Cut training costs.

Unleash the potential of your naturally gifted staff by contacting us now

Your knowledge, passion and expertise in helping us to find the right front of house staff has been invaluable. You have trained, inspired and developed our front of house staff to deliver exceptional service. How do we know this? Feedback about customer service from our tenants have improved and we will continue to work with you in the future. Thank you Nurturing Skills.

Rob Court, Training development for Guardian News and Media

Since the training has been delivered by Nurturing Skills we are monitoring sales and the process more closely. For example sales targets, enquiries to appointments, appointments to sales, and sales to referral are all monitored daily and as a result of the process we have increased.

  • Sales by 30%
  • Enquires to appointment by 70%
  • Appointment to sale by 55%
  • Point of sale referral by 45%

Barnsley Premier Leisure

For anyone looking to improve the sales performance, customer retention or customer service within their organisation, then there is no place better than to start with Lesley Aitken. Not only is she a charismatic trainer who is commercially astute but she quickly understands the needs of your business and puts them first before considering any monetary gain for her own organisation.

Trafford Community Leisure

Lesley Aitken is a very professional influential and highly passionate speaker. Highly interesting and motivational group coaching skills. Lesley has the ability to improve all major aspects of selling and the latest techniques to dramatically improve your business in just one day. An expert in her field and will get you and your colleagues the vital KPI's to improve your business.

General Manager at The Gym Group