How to stop delivering nuisance follow-up calls

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Beyond the Treadmill - Focus on Relationships not Tasks

There are many fitness professionals within the fitness industry ...


Pre-sale proves to be an enjoyable learning experience

Nurturing Skills recently joined forces with Leisure-Net Solutions, and we proudly won the tender to provide pre-sales business development to ...



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As one of the UK’s leading health and fitness club leadership and membership sales team trainers, I recognise the importance of capturing those crucial sales calls. The health and fitness industry is highly competitive, with gyms, fitness centres and health clubs having to become increasingly savvier about how they recruit new members. From regular offers, to no joining fees, freebies, and all sorts of discounts and incentives, it’s all about making certain your gym, health club or fitness centre stands head and shoulders above your competitors. And where does it start… well with the right recruitment and team training, of course.

When BodyLIFE asked me to write an article about the importance of capturing sales calls within the health and fitness industry, I naturally jumped at the chance to spread my knowledge, skills and expertise. So if you’ve not yet read the article on ‘capturing that call’ then here’s the link: Alternatively, I have précised below my top steps and imparted some tips and advice on how to capture – and convert – those vital sales calls and enquiries.

  1. Start by ensuring you have your membership sales team briefed, ready and poised to answer potential sales calls with enthusiasm. Furthermore, if your gym, health club or fitness centre is running a particular offer – for example, no joining fee, then you need to make certain that your entire membership sales team is aware of the ins and outs.

  1. The caller will have done research prior to calling, and will no doubt have put a great deal of thought into what it is they want to ask. So it’s vital that your membership sales team is upbeat, energetic, helpful and efficient.

  1. Ensure your membership sales team is armed with the relevant product and service knowledge so that they can answer all questions without hesitation – and even pre-empt queries too. Your membership sales team should never assume that the caller knows more than they do – this is a sure-fire way of losing a sale. Too much knowledge is no bad thing, and it’s better for your membership sales team to prove to the customer that they are fully aware of everything your health and fitness club has to offer.

  1. The caller wants to know how their problem will be fixed – that’s why they’re calling after all. And what do I mean by problem… well, it could be that they need to know the membership option best suited to their needs, or perhaps how and when they’re able to use the facilities. For some callers joining a gym, health club or fitness centre is a brand new venture and they understand very little of the benefits of having a membership – although they do know they need to exercise. In all of these cases, it’s important that your membership sales team tailor their responses and tones to suit the caller’s requirements.

  1. It’s important to develop a relationship with the caller.  People buy from people they like and trust. So whilst the call may be just a few minutes in duration, it’s a highly valuable time in which to build a rapport. Furthermore, if the caller feels that they get the answers they want to hear, and the support they feel they need, within the first point of contact, then a sale is far more likely to follow as a result.

  1. And what will close the sale? It’s important that you instill in your membership sales team that people’s drivers for joining a gym, health club or fitness centre are not always based on monetary value alone. Whilst some enquiries may be purely based on monthly or annual membership fees, many others are more specific, such as the facilities on offer, the support available to achieve weight      loss or fitness goals, exercise class timetables, or perhaps the flexibility to have a ‘pay as you go’ membership as opposed to being tied in to a contract. That’s why taking the time out to fully brief your team, as well as investing essential energy into sales and leadership coaching, will prove invaluable to the success of your gym, health club or fitness centre.      

To increase your health club membership sales team’s chances of capturing those all-important sales calls, or for further information on the importance of leadership and sales coaching, training and mentoring, call +44 (0) 7815 800 939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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Once the January 2015 gym membership rush has died down, where does that leave your gym, health club or fitness centre?

For many health clubs, gyms and fitness centres throughout the UK, the January gym membership rush is without doubt the busiest time of year. As a result of regular press coverage, which reports that we’re living increasingly inactive and sedentary lifestyles, coupled with our overindulgences and a lack of anything remotely physical throughout the festive period, it’s easy to understand why January is a boom time for gym memberships.

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View the 'Break the rules of selling' presentation:

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A partnership between Big Wave Media and Nurturing Skills has been made to bring you the very best and latest marketing methods to our blog posts.

Lesley Aitken, Founder of Nurturing Skills says, "Sales and marketing alignment is crucial for business development. Marketing and sales should be working together daily to grow quality leads and sales. There is often scepticism about the quality of leads marketing generate, especially in the health and fitness industry, for example, leads generated online for a free day pass offer. When these two important functions come together sales professionals are more likely to see the value in the leads generated by marketing."

With all this in mind we hope you enjoy the blog posts and share with your like minded social media followers, as well as your sales and marketing colleagues. The posts might just encourage that additional activity within your business to connect with people in ways that positively impact sales performance.   

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Look... New Website

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We hope it enables you to find everything you need quickly and easily about our training, mystery shops and lead generation services.

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Your knowledge, passion and expertise in helping us to find the right front of house staff has been invaluable. You have trained, inspired and developed our front of house staff to deliver exceptional service. How do we know this? Feedback about customer service from our tenants have improved and we will continue to work with you in the future. Thank you Nurturing Skills.

Rob Court, Training development for Guardian News and Media

Since the training has been delivered by Nurturing Skills we are monitoring sales and the process more closely. For example sales targets, enquiries to appointments, appointments to sales, and sales to referral are all monitored daily and as a result of the process we have increased.

  • Sales by 30%
  • Enquires to appointment by 70%
  • Appointment to sale by 55%
  • Point of sale referral by 45%

Barnsley Premier Leisure

For anyone looking to improve the sales performance, customer retention or customer service within their organisation, then there is no place better than to start with Lesley Aitken. Not only is she a charismatic trainer who is commercially astute but she quickly understands the needs of your business and puts them first before considering any monetary gain for her own organisation.

Trafford Community Leisure

Lesley Aitken is a very professional influential and highly passionate speaker. Highly interesting and motivational group coaching skills. Lesley has the ability to improve all major aspects of selling and the latest techniques to dramatically improve your business in just one day. An expert in her field and will get you and your colleagues the vital KPI's to improve your business.

General Manager at The Gym Group