When it comes to selling, the old mantra ‘No means next one’ is widely used to help keep the faith amongst sales teams.  However, when you or your membership sales team make those all-important follow-up sales calls and are consistently met with negative reactions and rebuffs, it’s only natural that those motivation levels will take a battering.

You’ll be pleased to hear that with a little careful thought and planning, and a tactical change to your approach to making follow-up calls, you and your membership sales team will see a noticeable improvement in prospective members’ responses – as well as your crucial membership numbers too.

As the founder of Nurturing Skills, I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of health clubs, gyms and leisure centres to boost membership numbers and successfully train and motivate membership sales teams.  I’m a coach, trainer and mentor, and I understand that typical follow-up call responses can leave you or your team feeling as though you’re nuisance callers.  Furthermore, the greater the number of rebuffs and rejections you and your membership sales team receive, the harder it becomes to maintain a positive attitude and those crucial motivation levels.  It’s time to take action.

Stop nuisance sales calls… Start personal, positive and helpful follow-ups today

Usually, a follow-up call sounds a little like this… “Good morning, it’s Lesley from the X Club.  I’m just wondering whether you’ve had a chance to think about joining yet”.  Would that make you want to hand over your bank details and sign on the dotted line… thought not!

It’s a fact that focusing on the negative won’t get you anywhere – and neither will sounding apathetic and downcast on the phone.  Instead, why not try turning your follow-up calls around by being personal, positive and helpful, and aiming for an upbeat and positive message.

How to do positive and personal follow-up sales calls...

There are countless reasons as to why a prospective member will enquire about joining your health and fitness club, gym or leisure centre.  From weight loss to social outlets, each reason is personal and, for many, taking the first step to joining is often quite a daunting one.

It’s important to remember that, whilst the prospective member is obviously interested in joining your club (and let’s face it, they wouldn’t have enquired if they weren’t), there’s more often than not some nurturing and relationship building work to be done in order to secure the sale.  And being positive, personal and friendly is the best place to start.

Begin the follow-up call by saying how great it was to meet the prospective member, and to chat about their goals and desires.  Now add in the personal touches by acknowledging that they want to lose weight for a summer wedding, or perhaps get in shape for a holiday.  It shows you’ve listened and are interested.  And finally, ask if they have done anything about achieving their goals yet.  Invariably, the answer is a no, and they instantly feel guilty!  This is your perfect opportunity to be friendly, positive and assertive enough to close the sale.  So say how pleased you are that you’ve called as it’s great timing to help them on their way to achieving their goals.  And offer to get them booked in for their first one-to-one with a personal trainer.

There are times when assumption is a bad thing.  However, in this instance, making the assumption that they will join is the right approach so you’re able to get the joining process under way.

In the event that the outcome is still a firm no, then appreciate their decision and rest assured that at least you know it’s a no and you’ll not waste any more time calling them!  It also means you won’t be seen as a nuisance caller either.

How to do helpful follow-up sales calls...

The best sales people are kind and considerate and, whilst having a thirst for success, also have a desire to help people.  So by going out of your way to provide the prospective member with valuable information and support to help them on their new fitness journey, you are also doing a great job in securing a new sale.

So thinking in terms of ‘being helpful’, why not send a short and quick ‘service email’ which contains a brief ‘hope you find this helpful’ message, plus useful tips and information on how to… tone up quickly, lose weight effectively, get fit safely etc.  This isn’t selling, it’s helping.  And helping can help to sell!  So when the time is right to join, then your health and fitness club, gym or leisure centre will be the one that sticks in the prospective member’s mind.

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