When Regency Fitness made contact with me last year asking me to help get the new Blackburn Sports and Leisure Centre membership sales team up and running, I naturally jumped at the chance. The new leisure centre on Feilden Street will open in March 2015. So it’s all systems go and I’ve been hard at work training, coaching, and motivating not only the membership sales team, but also the entire workforce, so that everyone is focused, ready and raring to work together and boost member numbers as rapidly as possible.

Everyone can sell… And you’d be surprised at where your superstar membership sales team members really come from!

As an experienced health and fitness club leadership and membership sales team trainer, I’m regularly drafted in to help health and fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms boost those all-important membership sales. And I achieve impressive results through one-to-one coaching, group training sessions, seminars, as well as ‘outreach’ sales work, such as hitting the high street – to name but just a few techniques.

So the opportunity of working with a brand new, soon to open sports and leisure centre was a truly exciting prospect. And it all started with a sales training day!

The Regency Fitness team, which includes new recruits and existing transferred members alike, was invited to attend one of my sales training days. It was open to anyone and everyone, regardless of rank and role. And it’s where I discovered my latest protégé, Megan Ellison.

Employed by Regency Fitness for the past few years, Megan’s background has always been in leisure; however, her previous roles are as far away from sales as it’s possible to get. A former lifeguard turned gym instructor, Megan has worked her way up through the fitness ranks impressing her bosses with her no-nonsense yet sensitive and people-focused approach. She was soon taking responsibility for writing up new class programmes, and also voluntarily took on management-style elements to her role, which included developing a system of tracking clients’ progress to ensure greater retention for the club.

Megan said, “I knew the sales training day was happening, and whilst I’m definitely not a sales person I thought I’d go along and investigate as I’m always keen to learn new skills”. What Megan didn’t expect was to become totally mesmerised by the psychology behind effective sales techniques. She went on to say, “Lesley was incredible; she was selling memberships to us all within a role play environment and I was just amazed at how she did it. I couldn’t say no to her!”

I actively encourage all sales training day attendees to throw examples, ideas, and techniques around the room. It works very well for inspiring, motivating and teaching essential sales skills.

It was clear that Megan had a real flair for selling – even though she kept assuring me she wasn’t a sales person! However, thanks to her knowledge of, and background in fitness, and the very simple fact that she has excellent communication skills and an infectious personality, it’s an ideal recipe from which to develop a raw but promising talent.

During her days as a fitness instructor, Megan loved motivating people. She found that by pushing them beyond their comfort zones in order to achieve their goals they would grow dramatically in confidence as their bodies changed. She gained enormous satisfaction from helping people, and now sees membership sales as the first, and most crucial, point from which members can start making dramatic lifestyle, fitness and wellbeing changes.

Megan agrees that her perception of sales has completely changed. And whilst she’s not motivated by money, she is motivated by meeting, and beating her sales target. She said, “I get a huge buzz from selling. I’ve beaten my own sales targets by at least 50% - and when Lesley says sell 8 memberships a day, I’ll think ‘no, that’s 10 to sell today’. Even the CEO came by to say thank you to me for my efforts, which was a massive morale boost”.

Everyone can sell… Enjoy the long-lasting and widespread benefits of membership sales team training

And the moral of my story. Well, it’s true that anyone and everyone can sell – with the right training, of course. So don’t miss out on vital sales opportunities as you too could have a superstar sales person lurking undetected within your team.

As a result of the sales training day, and ongoing continual membership sales team support the entire Regency Fitness Blackburn Sports and Leisure Centre team has been brought together. Megan said, “We now work as one and communicate together better than ever. We’re a real team and morale is second to none. The reception team now proactively take membership enquiries and referrals to the gym team to follow up, which was something that didn’t happen before. And, as a result, everything we do is far more focused on the customer.

So to increase your health club membership sales team’s chances of boosting health and fitness club, leisure centre and gym membership numbers, or for further information on the importance of leadership and sales coaching, training and mentoring, call +44 (0) 7815 800 939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.