There’s no denying that effective selling techniques go hand-in-hand with excellent communication skills. What you say, how you say it, and the vocabulary that you use can have a dramatic impact on your membership sales success rates. And how do we communicate with prospective health and fitness club, leisure centre, or gym members? Well, the list of communication methods is pretty long: From talking, writing, promoting, and emailing, to telesales, marketing, websites, and even our body language.

However, it’s the words that we use, how we use them, and the bearing they have on your success levels that I most want to focus on here.

Whether or not you secure that new health and fitness club, leisure centre, or gym member depends hugely on the levels of communication displayed from the initial enquiry, through to the show-round, and up to the point of joining. Furthermore, retention of members is key, so continuing to look after them with great customer service, tempting and exclusive members’ only offers, as well as regular, yet subliminal, reminders of how excellent your fully equipped facilities are is a sure-fire way of ensuring you hold on to their valued custom.

And there’s no better armour in your sales and marketing arsenal than some really strong, persuasive, and hard-hitting key words. Regardless of how you use them – written, spoken, online, or offline – there’s no doubt that powerful and influential language should be on your list of membership sales must-haves.

Let’s take a closer look at the key words that will ensure you secure more membership sales at your health and fitness club, leisure centre or gym.

Start by asking prospective members ‘why’ they want to join your health and fitness club or leisure centre. It may be for extreme weight loss, or simply shedding just a few pounds. It could be a boost to their confidence and some well-deserved ‘me’ time. They may have suffered an illness or injury and are looking for the necessary support to help with their recovery and recuperation. Their relationship or marriage could have broken down and, being single again, they’re now desperately wanting to get in shape. Or perhaps it’s simply a case they just want to get fit – or get in training for a forthcoming event.

This is your chance to tune in to the prospective customer’s wish list, to get in the following key words, and to inform prospective members of:

  1. How effective and well-equipped your facilities are with the very latest, innovative state-of-the-art machines and group fitness activities.
  2. How helpful and supportive your team members are.
  3. How to use the equipment and reassure them that they will receive a full orientation which will include everything from the right exercises and how to do them, to how to get to grips with the equipment. Remember, gyms can be scary places for the uninitiated, and gym equipment can look pretty daunting!
  4. How quick and easy they will find shifting the pounds.
  5. How amazing they will feel once their goals are within sight.

Successful membership sales is all about selling a solution…

Joining a health and fitness club, or a leisure centre, is all about looking and feeling great. It can sometimes take a lot of courage for prospective members to take the first steps to fitness. So it’s important you tune in quickly to their requirements and reasons for enquiring, and you use the right language to encourage, reassure and persuade.

It’s not just the facilities that sell memberships, it’s the people too. So remember, friendly, approachable, interested, helpful, specialised and knowledgeable are your keywords to ensuring prospective members warm to your health and fitness team.

What’s on offer?

The health, fitness and leisure market is exceptionally competitive, so here’s your chance to ensure it’s your club that secures the member’s signature – not your competitor!

We all like to know that we’re getting a good deal. And nowadays, more than ever, consumers are putting greater thought into purchase decisions. So that’s why it’s crucial to really emphasise and reiterate all the facilities on offer – and why they will benefit the prospective member.

This is the time to talk about reduced or no joining fees, competitive monthly membership options or pay as you go flexible monthly options. We all like to get something for nothing, so it’s also the perfect opportunity to highlight members’ only benefits, including savings in the coffee shop and beauty salon or added value additions, such as personal training or advanced class booking system. Assess whether you need to focus on good value for money, savings, exceptional quality of product and service or results as consumers are driven by differing requirements.

Close the sale…

After all your hard work building a relationship with the prospective member, don’t let poorly chosen words or a weak ‘closure’ lose you the membership sale.

Emotions play a huge role in consumers’ purchase decisions. So never lose sight of how the prospective member wants to feel: Fitter, slimmer, healthier, leaner, confident.

Desperation is a turn off for prospective members. Yes, you may be extremely keen to make the sale, but don’t push! Instead, focus your energy on talking through with the prospective member their needs, motivations and concerns.

And finally, focus on you not I. Remember, it’s all about the customer!

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