I often get asked by new or etablished Personal Trainers, Dan, how do I stand out from all of the other Personal Trainers on the gym floor and get new clients? My first and simple answer is always Talk to everyone.

The Personal Trainers who are doing well talk to everyone. And I mean everyone even the people who you could tell wouldnt sign up for personal training sessions if you paid them. They know that clients want to train and be seen with the popular trainer so they work on being seen to be the most popular Trainer in the gym. When you are not working with a client why would you sit at a gym desk and not talk to anyone when when you could be circulating on the gym floor with a purpose of getting to know more people and help more people? Step out of your comfort zone daily, build a conversation, rapport and trust with as many people as you can. Remember, even the people who dont want Personal Training may know of someone who does and give you referrals because they like you and trust you. To be trusted is to have people referring you, choosing you and willing to pay more... 

Make sure everybody at the gym knows your name and learn theirs. Look at them in the eyes, smile and make conversation. Be interested in them ask about their hobbies, interests and goals. Get engrossed in the art of conversation. When youre finished talking write down their name on a piece of paper and one or two details about them that they mentioned to you. Learn their name and use their name the next time you see them. They will be impressed that you have remembered their name.

The people that I get to know often come to me and ask for advice on exercise technique, programming, nutrition, etc. Not all of them converted to fully paid sessions. What it did do was help me to become an expert, a sort after Trainer and one of the most popular Trainers. Others started to notice that people were asking me for advice and were intrigued.

Until next time.


Dan Hooper is Nurturing Skills sort after presenter, trainer and consultant in the Fitness Industry, specialising in helping Personal Trainers to grow and maintain their client base. He is a highly experienced Personal Trainer and has worked with many celebrity clients in T.V. and Sport and knows what it takes to be a highly successful Personal Trainer. Dan helps Personal Trainers who work in Micro Gyms, Leisure Centres and Health Clubs. If you would like to discuss how Dan might be able to help you, your Personal Trainers or Personal Training Business please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Lesley on 07815 800939.