There’s no quick fix to winning new corporate health and fitness clients, and it’s possible the nurturing process could take a few months. You need to consider a whole host of things, and a far more professional approach is required when it comes to promoting your health and fitness club, gym, or leisure centre to a large business, SME, or multi-national organisation. It’s not easy attracting new corporate health and fitness clients; however, with some careful thought and preparation, as well as a targeted campaign and attractive proposition, the rewards of your persistence, motivation and hard work are there to be had.

Furthermore, whilst there’s little doubt that standing out in the corporate health and fitness market can be a challenge, it can also deliver tremendous rewards for your hard work, patience and tenacity.

Last week I discussed the reasons why it’s important to stand out from the crowd in the corporate health and fitness market. So with appetite whetted and motivation levels high, here are the in-depth strategies and ideas you can employ in order to achieve results in the corporate health and fitness market, as well as what you can do in order for your gym, health and fitness club, or leisure centre to be recognised as a corporate wellness specialist.

Here’s your top 10 tips on how to stand out in the corporate health and fitness market:

  1. Start by making a list of what your health and fitness club, leisure centre or gym can deliver to the corporate market, and how each point shows measurable results.
  2. To entice your first corporate health and fitness client, why not offer a pilot corporate wellness programme free of charge. For example; take 10 corporate members through a 10-week intensive programme and measure the results. Use your new client as a success story and promote using testimonials.
  3. Alternatively, or additionally, why not invite companies to ‘experience your centre’ and offer fun fitness tests, group fitness sessions, or an early exercise class and breakfast.
  4. Introductory membership rates should be competitive, and include add-on services such as nutrition advice, smoking cessation, and health and wellness coaching.
  5. Research: Learn as much as you can about corporate wellness and the current economic benefits of corporate wellness so that you can talk confidently and knowledgeably on the subject. Surely prevention is better than cure!
  6. Refer a friend scheme: Work your relationships with current members. Provide an incentive, and ask them to complete some information about where they work, whether their company has a corporate wellness partner in place, and relevant contact information.
  7. Networking is essential to building any business. So get out there, join local networking groups, and promote your corporate wellness package to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  8. Education: Create an education pack or brochure on the benefits of corporate wellness, and ensure your prospective corporate partner has plenty to distribute to employees. Post messages and success stories via Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Companies want to see a return on their investment so shouting about proven results is the way forward. Furthermore, why not offer virtual wellness assessments on your website – it’s a great way to educate, as well as capture potential corporate members’ data.
  9. Manage your corporate numbers: Know who is a member from each company and record as much information as you can so that you’re able to run concise monthly reports.
  10. And finally, post-sale it’s important to thank your corporate partners and build on relationships. So why not hold a quarterly or six-monthly pamper day and invite feedback on what you’re doing well, and what you can improve upon.

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