Once the January 2015 gym membership rush has died down, where does that leave your gym, health club or fitness centre?

For many health clubs, gyms and fitness centres throughout the UK, the January gym membership rush is without doubt the busiest time of year. As a result of regular press coverage, which reports that we’re living increasingly inactive and sedentary lifestyles, coupled with our overindulgences and a lack of anything remotely physical throughout the festive period, it’s easy to understand why January is a boom time for gym memberships.


However, once the initial post-festive fitness frenzy has died down, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your leadership team and membership sales advisors have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to continue growing and expanding your membership sales throughout 2015.

So whilst you have no doubt recruited a super fit team of fitness industry experts, do they truly have the sales stamina to continue marketing and promoting memberships long after the January 2015 gym membership buzz has passed?

Let’s take a look at how to increase your membership sales team’s stamina:

  1. Developing a regular sales training schedule is your first, and most fundamental step, to increasing your sales team’s stamina. It’s a proven fact that over 50% of all gym, health club and fitness centre membership advisors have undergone only one, possibly two maximum, days of sales training. With countless managers neglecting to provide their teams with the necessary sales training and coaching, it has a catastrophic effect on year-round membership sales.
  1. Whilst it’s understandable that health club, gym and fitness centre managers have numerous demands on their time, surely it makes sense to outsource sales staff training – for everyone’s benefit. Furthermore, effective outsourcing of sales training is guaranteed to have a positive effect on the entire workforce. Through coaching, mentoring and results-driven training your team will learn how to recognise good sales opportunities, and will reach, if not exceed, sales targets as they’ll be informed and motivated.
  1. It’s a marathon – not a race. So that increase in sales stamina is more important than ever once the spring and summer months hit and the option to exercise outdoors is made available again to potential customers. There are countless benefits of a year-long gym membership: You know it, so make certain that your sales team knows why it’s easy to sell the reasons for heading to the gym during the summer months.
  1. Every moment is a coaching opportunity. And don’t wait until something goes wrong before incorporating highly effective mentoring, coaching and sales training in to your sales team’s schedule. Make missed sales targets and lost opportunities a thing of the past by offering all your gym membership sales advisors the support they require in order to do their jobs to maximum capacity. You’ll not only see a consistent boost in your sales team’s confidence, self-belief and motivation levels, but your sales figures will speak for themselves.
  1. No one knows it all. Even experienced sales managers need refresher courses every now and again. Just as life changes, so do sales techniques, marketing disciplines, and potential customers’ fitness requirements. So make sure you’re leading your team from the front – not from the sidelines.
  1. Use the January 2015 gym membership boom as a great learning exercise. The NHS recommends that we all do at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Yet with Britain’s inclement winter weather, heading outdoors to run, walk or cycle is, for many, not the most motivational of prospects! So that’s why the January gym membership rush is the perfect time for your leadership teams to hone their sales and marketing skills ready for the year ahead.

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